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What is ecobiology?

Ecobiology is about considering the skin as a living ecosystem and working with the biology of the skin to address the root causes of its imbalances, rather than just treating the visible signs.

For a naturally stronger, more radiant, healthier skin, lastingly.

NAOS, the pioneer of Ecobiology

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, made of cells, fluids, proteins, and tissues, with its own biological processes. It is a dynamic ecosystem that constantly interacts with its inner and outer environment. It adapts and evolves over time. Its natural resources are the best ingredients for ensuring its health.

Skin is our inspiration

Skin is an ecosystem

Healthy skin is the result of dynamic and rich biodiversity in cells and their internal and external environments.

Skin has biological processes of defense

By understanding the origins and triggers of skin dysfunctions, we can strengthen skin’s healing processes.

Our skin is a living world

Ecobiologically conceived

All NAOS products are ecobiologically conceived

    Sensibio H2O
    Invented by NAOS, the original Micellar Water

    Micelles, inspired by cellular lipids, respect the skin’s protective film and pH balance. It eliminates makeup and impurities.

    The Dermatological Advanced Formulation patent, a complex of 3 biomimetic soothing sugars, prevents inflammation.

    Age ProteomTM advanced serum
    A unique patent to stimulate cells against signs of aging
    Institut Esthederm

    This serum offers complete protection for skin proteins, preserving their integrity and strengthening skin's natural processes for self-repair and adaptation to environmental factors. Its patented biotechnology provides a physical and biochemical shield.

    Melting moisturizing cream
    A biomimetic formula in perfect affinity with skin
    Etat Pur

    A 98.7% biomimetic formula inspired by healthy skin components. Formulated with patented isodermic water, in perfect affinity with skin, it optimizes cell function and preserves skin’s microbiome diversity. Skin maintains a healthy balance.

Ecobiological formulation

NAOS Les Laboratoires is where creation and innovation begin for the Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur brands. Our research laboratories operate at the heart of a scientific ecosystem, through collaborations with world-renowned experts and research organizations, located in France and abroad.